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Country Director (Mexico)

  • Reserve
  • Full time
  • 100% Remote
  • 10/02/2021

At Reserve, we’re changing the Venezuelan financial system to allow access to US dollars. In the long term, Reserve aims to eliminate high inflation all around the world. Eventually, we’ll launch a currency that’s independent from the US dollar. We’re ultimately a cryptocurrency project, but right now what we do is Cash App meets BitTorent.

Dollar access is crucial for our users in Venezuela and Argentina as well as their migrant relatives and friends in Colombia and Panamá to cope with ongoing high levels of inflation. Our team is distributed across 3 continents and 7 different countries. We’re funded by Sam Altman and Peter Thiel personally. Before Reserve, our team members led two of the most prominent attempts to solve the problem of hyperinflation in Venezuela.

We’ve created a series of channels that allow any normal Venezuelan to convert their Bolivars (the local failed currency) into US dollars and back again in our app in a couple of minutes. This means that Venezuelans can use our app to easily save and spend in US dollars, without having to worry about their money devaluing overnight.

Due to capital controls in Venezuela, this kind of financial service is not commonly available, and our early users are extremely appreciative of what we’ve built. New users are often skeptical that we can deliver what we promise… until they try it. Once they have seen how our app works, they often evangelize their friends..

This is the percentage of users actively using the service after N weeks from their first time trying it:

Our short-term goal is to support the entire Venezuelan economy transacting digitally in US dollars, escaping the issues posed by the hyperinflation the country has suffered in the last decade. We are aiming to serve 10M+ Venezuelans, and looking to Argentina next.

Why we’re hiring

We are looking for individuals with a burning desire to take the challenge of growth in the midst of the fintech revolution. Things are going great for us (yes, we are proud!). As we write this, we have a long waitlist of would-be users who are getting impatient with us (publicly – like, accumulating 1-star reviews from those who are upset that they are still waiting to get in ).

One of our most important short-term goals is to reach new markets in the Latin America region, and then consolidate our presence as a great option for people who wish to protect the value of their money. We want to add people to our team who can be considered true insiders in the Mexican remittances’ business sector and the financial community in general, in order to introduce and position Reserve as a potential partner with the capability to provide efficient remittances and fast cross-border transactions in Mexico.


Reserve has an open remote position for a CEO-founder type who is eager to take on the challenge of leading the introduction of a world-class fintech startup in one the most important markets in Latin America.

The Country Director (Mexico) must be an experienced professional with an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, comprehensive knowledge of the reality of business in Mexico, excellent business relations, and the ability to navigate the circumstances of that reality focusing on liquidity and public relations to boost the development of our fintech app.

The candidate

We are looking for the leader who will position Reserve in Mexico as a dominant player in markets including remittances, rapid cross-border transactions, and crypto in general.

The person we are looking for

  • Has relevant experience in financial services, fintech/tech start-ups, partner management/business development and B2 marketing with focus on understanding the wants and needs of consumers in the financial services industry.
  • Has experience in the crypto market, and/or digital payments fintech market with basic knowledge of crypto.
  • Is a strategic thinker, capable of producing and carrying out innovative ideas, adapted to the local reality of Mexico.
  • Has the ability to perform in public relations and understand the socio-economic context of the country.
  • Is willing to learn and study finance, cryptocurrencies and the remittance market.
  • Is disciplined with their work schedule and willing to adapt to a start-up pace.
  • Is experienced with teamwork.


  • Designing strategies to position Reserve as a primary choice for remittances and fast international transactions to and from Mexico. This includes defining and prioritizing source and destination markets, and developing the networks that will enable us to reach this goal.
  • Leading company operations in Mexico, including the formation of a local Reserve team.
  • Planning and executing the overall strategy to structure liquidity flows in Mexico, in line with our marketing efforts in Mexico.
  • Developing and managing regional advisor and investor relationships.
  • Structuring strategic alliances that allow impulse Reserve adoption in Mexico.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date understanding of the market environment and potential opportunities to enable the team to make the right decisions.
  • Assisting in operations as needed.
  • Being available during working hours from 8am to 6pm ET.

In summary

  • Location: Mexico. Expected to be online for a decent part of the US workday.
  • Seniority: we need a senior/seasoned expert, well-connected to the Mexican business community.
  • Comp: we can match any offer you have, and can do full cash, significant equity or a hybrid arrangement, depending on your preference.
  • Purpose: Reserve helps people beat inflation, and aims to eradicate it entirely.

About Reserve

Today, Reserve's users are normal people and business owners in Venezuela. We help them save in dollars and transact with low friction. They can cash-in and cash-out with PayPal, Zelle, and Venezuelan bank transfers. For example, to cash-in, users initiate a transaction in our app, then are ...

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