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Head of Agency Ops/Performance Marketing/Client Se

  • SM Commerce
  • Full time
  • United Kingdom
  • 21/07/2021

Looking for a role where you can use your performance marketing experience, together with your ability to lead and inspire a team to deliver great client results?

We're after a leader to head up our client services team to deliver excellent results for our clients and drive the agency's growth through case studies and client retention.

Does this future you sound of interest to the current you?

You're the captain of the ship at SMC which is responsible for generating great client results which lead to client retention and satisfaction.

You're trained up on The BPM Method (our in-house advertising system) which already produces results for our agency clients and 1000's of students worldwide.

You've learned a tonne more about agency operations, client intake, client management, talent acquisition and nurturing, processes, systems and more.

As an integral part of our management and leadership team you work closely with the CEO and other heads of departments in creating quarterly goals and leading your team to deliver against that.

You have deep experience of advertising (Facebook in particular) with some knowledge of other channels too, like email, paid search and others.

You've helped introduce new marketing channels for our clients which might have included YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok ads.

You oversee our creative team to push out campaigns which put us forward for awards.

You also work closely with our Head of Sales to ensure we work with the right clients and we serve them into the right services.

Sounds good? Here's who this role might suit: you might already be in a similar role in an agency, or you might be a highly experienced media buyer/advertiser that wants to take on more responsibility, or you might be a freelancer tired of chasing new clients and managing crazy hours just to keep things ticking over, or a current agency owner that wants to take on this role and perhaps merge your team into ours if it makes sense to do so...

We're after someone who can demonstrate everything our in-house system The BPM Method system stands for:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Data-led reasoning
  • Able to help drive campaign and creative ideas
  • A good balance of EQ & IQ to handle a high-pressure senior role
  • Care for both process and quality control leaving no stone unturned to ensure processes are followed to the highest level
  • Able to create repeatable success
  • Commitment and trust of the process

What you will gain

  • Work closely with our CEO Depesh Mandalia, a global influencer in the area of Facebook ads marketing
  • High autonomy in developing our systems and processes further
  • Key influence in the direction of our products and services alongside our educational and training business
  • Resource and budgetary control to grow the top and bottom line
  • Working with a close knit, remote team with a family vibe
  • Overseeing a team supporting client spends in the region of $1-2M per month collectively
  • Premium partner relationship with Facebook Europe (and the perks it comes with)


  • Accountable for client results, meeting expectations, checking in and ensuring the agency remain indispensable to clients
  • Accountable for our client intake process to ensure we work with our ideal clients and deliver them an exceptional onboarding experience
  • Accountable for ongoing client satisfaction, through assessment, review and improvement
  • Accountable for lifetime value through client retention
  • Accountable for the regular weekly, monthly and QBR reporting to clients, continually demonstrating the benefits of working with us with clear and concise communications
  • Support with defining the services the agency offers
  • Expertise of The BPM Method to ensure the team are implementing it correctly within the agency
  • Delivery of weekly and monthly management team reporting on client results and other core KPIs
  • Oversee key projects aligned to the delivery of role KPIs and input into quarterly OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)
  • Manage external suppliers and contractors in completing projects on-time and to high quality
  • Regular and clear stakeholder management
  • Use of retrospective reviews (‘retros’) of campaigns/projects/initiatives to analyse what went well and what could have been done better, to continuously improve future results
  • Accountable for SOP (standard operating procedures) management and development within client services
  • Accountable for ensuring software and tech remains operational and relevant related to client services delivery such as Asana, ClickFunnels, Shopify, Supermetrics, Revealbot, Google Analytics, Report Garden and others as required
  • Accountable for team onboarding, training, assessment, tracking and offboarding

Key Results

The result of implementing the areas of responsibility should lead to:

  • Achievement of client targets
  • Achievement of monthly, quarterly and yearly revenue targets
  • High NPS (net promoter scores / satisfaction rates)
  • High LTV (lifetime value / retention)
  • Regular published case studies and wins from our client successes

At SM Commerce, we're a small, nimble agency that punches above our weight through process efficiencies, smart working and a deep understanding of sales and marketing to create big results, fast. We're a Facebook PREMIUM Partner Agency with ad spends through our Business Manager of well over $1M per month for clients in North America, Europe and Asia.

As the Head of Agency Performance Marketing you will work alongside the leadership team in defining and executing the growth plan for the agency with a big say in future performance.

The role offers up to $110k/yr depending on experience and includes an uncapped bonus based on the size of quarterly profitability and uncapped holiday allowance (within reason).

We're after a serious A-player for this role, to learn from one of the best in this game and to carve out your own impact in this role too.

Our client churn rate is low and we are picky about the clients we work with, to ensure clients align with our values and we can deliver the results they need. You'll therefore work closely with sales to ensure this remains the case using our client selection process.

Knowledge of Facebook advertising is important - however, we're after a rounded performance marketer that is as comfortable with numbers and performance as they are with creatives, ad angles and campaign ideas.

A growth mindset is extremely important, seeing opportunity, not barriers. Thinking both inside and outside of the 'box'.

We're after a go-getter and a self-starter. This won't suit someone that's after a fairly relaxed time - this is a high pressure role, with high rewards and a chance to accelerate your own career.

We're also after someone that can deal with pressure from managing different kinds of clients, people and projects and their needs, together with the delivering high level of quality and service we set ourselves within the agency. We strive for excellence for our clients and know every in and out of Facebook ads. In the first answer in your application you must mention the word 'excellence' to show you've read this page properly which demonstrates your attention to detail. This is a role to enhance that further and we're looking at people who are ready, motivated, trustworthy, great communicators and of course have attention to detail.

Your written and verbal English language communications must be of a very high level for this role ideally with native, or close to natively spoken English.

We're after someone to work in or around the EST timezone, to help serve our North American and European clients equally, regardless of where you live. For example if you live in the UK or Europe, you would start at around 12-1pm and work through to the evening. Or if you're North America you'd adjust accordingly.

About SM Commerce

SMC ( was launched initially as an Affiliate Marketing business and Marketing Growth Consultancy in 2012 before switching to solely focussing on Facebook ads driven growth in 2017.

Since then we've had our fair share of successes and failures. Our values include treating client businesses as if they're our own, being open and transparent in communications, favouring a work life balance in so far as ensuring you keep your energy levels and motivation high, as well as strong teamwork.

As an elite team of media buyers there's not much we can't do with Facebook ads - however we do have a need for maintaining strong operational delivery for clients, which is where you come in. We need someone with a strong attention to detail and process driven work ethic.

We have a mix of hours in the team, because this is a lifestyle-led business. Some prefer to start earlier, others a later start. Others still prefer a 2-3 hour break midday then come back pumped for a grand finale. Whatever your working pattern SMC is about work-life balance. Part of your role is determining the right working hours for you and for the team to ensure we balance hard work with recovery and personal satisfaction to keep ourselves energised and motivated.

Our clients are mainly in Ecommerce (see for more details).


  • At least 3 years experience in a performance marketing role with great results; ideally within an agency
  • Must be located in North America or EU
  • This is a full-time role so it will not suit those looking for a 2nd job or with existing clients/businesses
  • Able to and keen to be hands on when required and knowing when to be hands-off to give your team the time and space to develop
  • Ability to effectively upwards manage providing regular insights, updates and reports
  • Strong leadership with the ability to inspire and drive the department forward
  • Strong verbal and written communication and reporting skills able to effectively manage internal and external stakeholders
  • Ability to oversee team deliverables, check in on adherence to process with a technical mindset
  • Experience of performance marketing, account management, funnels, site builds and various other activities involved in client services in order to hold the team accountable
  • Urgency to deliver on-time, to not accept failure and constantly push for higher levels of performance
  • Good awareness of what great client management looks like to ensure the team leave our clients feeling delighted both with their results and the agency experience
  • Experience of report writing to ensure our client communications are of the highest level
  • At least 3 years experience of Facebook advertising and some experience of at least 1-2 other marketing channels such as Email, Paid Search, other Social Ads channels etc
  • Experience of process definition and accountability to ensure processes are adhered to
  • Experience of project management to oversee key initiatives
  • Experience of team hiring, retention and training
  • Experience of Google Suite (Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets etc)
  • Good presentation and reporting skills
  • Excellent initiative and follow through when solving problems
  • Ability to think creatively and lead innovation
  • Self-starter, keen learner and future thinker
  • Team player able to build rapport and relationships with internal and external people
  • Ability to communicate detailed or complex ideas in a simple and clear manner
  • If you haven't read this form properly and completed the application form as required your application will be automatically rejected.


  • Remote working
  • Uncapped bonus potential
  • Uncapped holiday allowance (within reason!)
  • Flexible hours (starting times between 12-2pm UK time and no need to be chained to your desk!)
  • Opportunity to attend paid for Facebook/industry events (when we're allowed to)
  • Full access to our training and community programs
  • Direct mentoring from a global leading Facebook ads and marketing expert
  • Free access to our extensive training library and personal training budget
  • Pay is based on experience and potential

About SM Commerce

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