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Head of Community

  • Reserve
  • Full time
  • 100% Remote
  • 27/03/2021

In the long term, Reserve aims to eliminate high inflation all around the world. At present, we’re changing financial systems of high inflation economies so as to allow everyone to protect the value of their money.

What we do now is Cash App meets BitTorent, but we’re ultimately a cryptocurrency project, and eventually, we’ll launch a currency that’s independent from the US dollar. Our short-term goal is to support the entire Venezuelan economy transacting digitally in US dollars, escaping the issues posed by a 3 year-long hyperinflation. We are aiming to serve 10M+ people in that country, and looking to Argentina next.

Why we’re hiring

We’re building a sharing economy, the kind of network of value-exchange relations that allowed Uber, AirBnB or Amazon to thrive. However, people impoverished and traumatized by years of crisis and decades of economic abuse are not as easily convinced to participate. Our experience brought us to the conclusion that it is through solidarity, transparency and human contact that we can build the trust and positive outlook necessary to make people want to be part of our platform.

At present, Reserve is creating a large community of users who both feel that their relationship with money is changing for the better, and are aware that their participation in creating solutions with our team will help improve other people’s lives as well. The challenge is to extend this to millions, at a national level, and later across Latin American, emerging markets and the world.

The Head of Community will have a huge impact on our product and the direction of the project. The individual in this position will enable our team to understand the role that our app can play in improving people’s everyday lives, and to make it an important piece among online and real communities in Latin America.

The candidate

Must be an expert leading growth campaigns, very driven to succeed and capable of developing a strong empathy with and among our users and audiences through engagement and breakthrough marketing programs, including social media strategies and campaigns that drive measurable business outcomes.

  • Is familiar with, and understands the role of communities in Latin American societies, especially, in times of crisis. Hands-on experience is a big plus.
  • Is obsessed with providing more value to the Reserve community. Constantly tests new ideas, iterates on them, and measure goals to understand what programs we should invest in.
  • Has a proven track record of creating and managing integrated marketing and communications campaigns based on digital media.
  • Has experience and knowledge of the FinTech sector and has an interest in financial services and technology. Experience with marketing mobile apps is an advantage.
  • Attention to detail and a highly organized, process-focused aptitude are required to manage the variety of responsibilities and deliverables.
  • Is experienced managing and leading teams of real social media experts, community managers, and customer support agents, both as collaborators and as third-party contractors.
  • Can build teams and inspire its members to push boundaries and explore new strategic initiatives that produce high impact results
  • A highly effective communicator with the ability to clearly and concisely articulate ideas, concepts, and proposals to engage customers, your team, peers, and senior leadership.


  • Hire and develop a diverse, customer-obsessed, and customer-facing organization
  • Build programs from scratch and implement process rigor and performance management to scale over time
  • Lead community management to increase engagement of user and contributor communities, and elevate members to become top advocates of the community.
  • Influence long-term strategy and shape the vision of the community.
  • Define a plan for community and developer events in partnership with developer advocacy, marketing, and business stakeholders.
  • Build new programs that drive the adoption of Reserve, and support the growth of these communities.
  • Influence product user journey from awareness to early adoption of Reserve.
  • Inspire a communities-centred culture across the company, and be the voice of the community.
  • Identify opportunities for experimentation, growth, and optimization at every stage of our product’s lifecycle.
  • Discover and engage new segments of users for our platform, with a focus on creative and entrepreneurial people in our go-to markets.
  • Develop and launch creative and cohesive growth strategies (mostly digital).
  • Lead our social media team and help drive strategy across social media publishing, paid campaigns, social listening, and community building in general; including setting, monitoring, and reporting on team goals
  • Provide input on our go-to-market strategies for new product launches and brand campaigns to maximize reach across social media properties.

In summary

  • Location: anywhere, but expect to be online for a decent part of the US workday.
  • Seniority: we need a senior/seasoned expert in Marketing and community building..
  • Comp: we can match any offer you have, within full cash, a significant amount of RSR tokens or a hybrid arrangement. We can accommodate your preference.
  • Projection: Reserve is a long term project with support from great investors and a large cash treasury to make history happen. You can expect stability and security from this position.
  • Purpose: Reserve helps people beat hyperinflation, and aims to eradicate it entirely.
  • Language: English / Spanish bilingual proficiency.

About Reserve

Today, Reserve's users are normal people and business owners in Venezuela. We help them save in dollars and transact with low friction. They can cash-in and cash-out with PayPal, Zelle, and Venezuelan bank transfers. For example, to cash-in, users initiate a transaction in our app, then are ...

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