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Head of Crypto Strategy

  • Reserve
  • Full time
  • 100% Remote
  • 01/05/2021

At Reserve, we’re changing the Venezuelan financial system to allow access to US dollars. In the long term, Reserve aims to eliminate high inflation all around the world. Eventually, we’ll launch a currency that’s independent from the US dollar. We’re ultimately a cryptocurrency project, but right now what we do is Cash App meets BitTorent.

Dollar access is crucial for our users in Venezuela and Argentina as well as their migrant relatives and friends in Colombia and Panamá to cope with ongoing high levels of inflation. Our team is distributed across 3 continents and 7 different countries. We’re funded by Sam Altman and Peter Thiel personally. Before Reserve, our team members led two of the most prominent attempts to solve the problem of hyperinflation in Venezuela.

We’ve created a series of channels that allow any normal Venezuelan to convert their Bolivars (the local failed currency) into US dollars and back again in our app in a couple of minutes. This means that Venezuelans can use our app to easily save and spend in US dollars, without having to worry about their money devaluing overnight.

Due to capital controls in Venezuela, this kind of financial service is not commonly available, and our early users are extremely appreciative of what we’ve built. New users are often skeptical that we can deliver what we promise… until they try it, and often evangelize their friends once they have seen how our app works.

This is the percentage of users actively using the service after N weeks from their first time trying it:

Our short-term goal is to support the entire Venezuelan economy transacting digitally in US dollars, escaping the issues posed by the hyperinflation the country has suffered in the last decade. We are aiming to serve 10M+ Venezuelans, and looking to Argentina next.

Why we’re hiring

Things are going great for us (yes, we are proud!). As we write this, we have a long waitlist of would-be users who are getting impatient with us (publicly – like, accumulating 1-star reviews from those who are upset that they are still waiting to get in ).

We are on the way to reaching mass crypto adoption in a national economy. Now we want to consolidate our presence in the crypto world. We need a real insider, capable of devising tools to create an entirely new space in the sector that ends up working as well as yield farming and that others try to copy.

We’re willing to compete with Amazon/Google/Apple/Netflix on compensation in order to hire the absolute best individual we can find, because we just have to get this right, and because we have the cash treasury to comfortably do so, having done very well in the crypto markets, we can offer an unusual degree of potential financial gains from being a relatively early startup.

The candidate

The individual we are looking for:

  • Could be described as a bit like SBF or CZ in their intelligence, boldness, and bias to action
  • Has intimate knowledge of the crypto world, including some of the non-public realities of how it works
  • Has made significant money in crypto personally, and is interested in money, but is tired of just making money and is looking for something more fun and meaningful
  • Might have worked high up at an exchange, OTC desk, trading shop, or successful crypto project
  • Has a strong network of connections with high-profile individuals and organizations such as investment funds, hedge funds, cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges and other crypto related companies
  • Has a technical mind, and can think through mechanisms and architectures, and perhaps implement software systems themselves, though does not need to be a seasoned developer

The position

  • Come up with novel, breakthrough ideas to develop RSV and RSR in the crypto world (i.e. don't suggest that we copy yield farming -- invent an entirely new thing that ends up working as well as yield farming and that others end up copying)
  • Have innovative and sound ideas in the domains of incentives, marketing, branding, relationship management, and technological approaches
  • Build initial proofs of concept yourself by learning APIs and configuring open source software, or working with developers on the side to test things out
  • Manage a significant treasury to lend out, use for MM, or otherwise deploy (without flat-out spending, though you could spend some too)
  • Build and manage a pipeline of opportunities in the crypto/trading world
  • Create, develop and manage relationships with high-profile individuals and entities of the crypto world who may help Reserve further its goals

In summary

  • Location: anywhere, but expect to be online for a decent part of the US workday
  • Seniority: we need a senior/seasoned expert in the crypto world
  • Comp: we can match any offer you have, and can do full cash or significant equity
  • Stability: we have a large cash treasury, so can offer high job security
  • Purpose: Reserve helps people beat hyperinflation, and aims to eradicate it entirely
  • Language: English native / bilingual proficiency

About Reserve

Today, Reserve's users are normal people and business owners in Venezuela. We help them save in dollars and transact with low friction. They can cash-in and cash-out with PayPal, Zelle, and Venezuelan bank transfers. For example, to cash-in, users initiate a transaction in our app, then are ...

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