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Ops Engineer

  • Receipt Bank
  • Full time
  • Bulgaria
  • 19/02/2021

What we do and why we're looking for you

Despite the name, we’re not a bank. We’re building productivity tools for small businesses and accountants. We managed to keep the business growth during the pandemic and plan to pick up the pace this year.

Our dev team is located in Bulgaria and has always been fully remote. We have people in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Ruse.

We're proud of the way we work and of our values – we care deeply about quality and sane development practices. We also strive for simplicity and pragmatism.

Architecture & Stack

We’re managing a few dozen web apps – both internal, API-only projects, as well as a few client-facing ones. The biggest app gets about 10 million requests per day, excluding static assets. Most are written in Ruby and use Rails. We also have a few Python-based machine learning services. All of our databases are PostgreSQL.

We’re hosted entirely in AWS. All machines run on Ubuntu. We use Terraform and Ansible to manipulate our infrastructure, rely on Jenkins for CI/CD, use Docker for packaging and delivery, and Kubernetes for spinning copies of our entire stack for QA purposes. We’re also running a few self-hosted Kubernetes clusters and are gradually migrating production workloads there.

Team, Challenges & You

Our Ops/SRE team currently consists of a few devs, a few ops guys, and two proud DBAs. We’re responsible for making sure all services are up, for keeping our AWS bill at bay, for providing our colleagues with convenient tools to deliver changes more efficiently, for evolving the infrastructure to match the needs of the business and for refactoring the legacy we’ve created during our rapid growth over the past few years.

Our backlog has grown along with the business and the engineering team and we need more heads and hands to help us out. This is where you come in!

What you'll do if you join our team

You’ll do what all of us in the ops/SRE team do – in no particular order:

  • Ensure services are up and participate in the on-call & on-duty rotation.
  • Design, test, implement and provision new services.
  • Do experiments and proofs-of-concept to find the best solution to a problem.
  • Work closely with the dev team on anything that is infrastructure-related.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Debug issues.
  • Refactor legacy infrastructure, reduce inconsistencies, introduce conventions.
  • Learn and spread your knowledge through pairing sessions, documentation, internal blog posts, mentoring, coaching.


  • You are comfortable working with Linux/Unix OSes and know a few Bash tricks.
  • You have a couple of years of experience with ops work – deploying services, making sure they work, then debugging and fixing them when they break.
  • You like it when things are neat and tidy but you don’t cringe in the face of a muddy legacy codebase – instead, you roll up your sleeves and start shovelling.
  • Security is a paramount concern for you.
  • You like problem-solving and getting to the bottom of an issue.
  • You know everything breaks and you design systems with that in mind.
  • You have a desire to learn and get better at creating scalable, highly available and cost-efficient architectures.
  • You’ll be happy helping colleagues with their infrastructure-related questions or issues and you’ll be working to not only expand but also share your knowledge with the team.
  • You’re diligent, constructive, with attention to detail, have strong communication skills and can freely express yourself in English – in both speaking and writing.

These will be considered as a plus:

  • Experience with Ansible.
  • Experience with the Hashicorp stack – Terraform, Packer, Vault.
  • Networking knowledge and experience.
  • Experience with working in the cloud, especially with AWS.
  • Experience with Docker or other containerisation technology.
  • Experience with Kubernetes or other orchestration solution.
  • Experience with building web applications or working with web apps, especially high-volume or high-traffic websites.
  • Decent knowledge of Ruby, Python, or another scripting language.
  • Experience with SQL and managing relational databases, especially PostgreSQL.
  • Experience with the ELK stack, Jenkins, Datadog


Remote work is now the norm. The difference is that we've been fully remote for many years now, and know how to properly work remotely.

Additional benefits for our Bulgaria-based team include an employer-paid additional medical insurance, life and risk insurance, and 25-days of paid annual leave. There are additional compensation and time off for participation in the on-call rotation.

When there's no pandemic, the team gets together for monthly team drinks and an off-site somewhere beautiful twice a year. We hope to resume these activities as soon as the situation permits.

We strive for quality and a stress-free work environment. We want our colleagues to learn and grow. We’ll be happy to have a like-minded person join us!

About Receipt Bank

The Receipt Bank Group was founded in 2010 and has been revolutionising bookkeeping ever since. With over 6,000 partner firms worldwide, we maintain a growth rate of 100%+ year-on-year. We are a global company with a team of 450+ in offices in London, Washington DC, Sydney, Sofia, Paris, Toronto and Cape Town – and that list is only looking to get longer.

Work smarter. Grow faster. Go further. Join Receipt Bank.

About Receipt Bank

Are you ready to help the World work smarter?We’re an award-winning technology company, at a key stage of our global expansion. Join a tea...

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