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Real Time Analyst

  • Full time
  • Hong Kong
  • 20/07/2021

Reporting into the Customer Care Manager, The Real Time Team provides 24/7 Analysis and Work Force Planning to our Global Multi-Language Customer Care Operation. As a Real Time Analyst you’ll be responsible for ensuring the most effective real-time management of our interactions across Voice, Email, Web-Form, Social and Chat. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that alerts and standard response mechanisms are in place to protect and improve service levels. You’ll ensure our shifts are optimised by our workforce to accommodate known and unexpected demand. In addition, you’ll make sure that front-line voice of customer sentiment and themes are captured and surfaced up.

  • You’ll be leading the Care Operation to ensure that at an interval level we’re maintaining our Service Levels and that our Team are working the right interactions at the right time. You’ll use our Technology and Tools (Dashboards) alongside our processes, to monitor interaction volume to identify performance expections require both short terms and longer term attention. You’ll make sure that the Team are occupied and that you are enquistive about any drop in productivity. In addition, your experience will also help guide us where our tools and reporting are lacking.
  • If a theme or incident is identified then you’ll escalate this and where necessary raise a ticket. You’ll keep your Operations stakeholders updated with fix progress and ensure that EOD reporting qualifies the impact of the incident.
  • You’ll produce end of day reporting that shapes Operations performance relating to Service Level and also highlights qualified themes so that our Stakeholders can work to fix.
  • You’ll produce weekly Operations Performance Review reporting that shapes the success and learns of the previous week. You’ll use this to shape and inform the Team in their huddles, as well as enabling the Head of Customer Care to surface up more broadly recurring themes.
  • You’ll undertake analysis of the days performance vs. planned performance to be able to re-forecast on an intraday basis and make recommendations to ensure optimum performance which in turn will also influence future planning and scheduling.
  • In the event of service disruption, you will be responsible for contingency plans that will deliver customer service Examples: power outages, phone service disruption, forced centre closings due to weather, protests etc
  • You’ll produce shifts in good time aligned to our demand forecasting and ensure these are optimised for Service Level success. If gaps are identified then you’ll make recommendations to mitigate these i.e. overtime, reduced 121’s etc.
  • You’ll take responsibility for approving annual leave for the Team aligned into our demand model.
  • You’ll support our Continous Improvement Manager with data anlaysis to help inform broader projects that can be shaped to improve both Customer and Agent experience


  • You enjoy data, data and more data – you love finding the story that data can behold. You pull reporting together that’s accurate, concise and that has a narrative (along with a graph or two). As a result you’re super inquisitive and love the difference that working in Real Time can bring to both our Customers and Agents experience. Your intermediate to expert level knowledge of Microsoft Excel will really come into play here.
  • You love engaging with your Stakeholders and with your strong communication skills you are able to clearly present ideas, theories, and technical information. If you spot a theme that’s driving contacts or poor Customer satisfaction then it’s your responsibility to surface this up as quickly as possible and this is what you relish in. It’s all about living in the moment.
  • Although working as part of a Team, due to the nature of your shifts you’ll be confident to work independently and autonomously. This means we’ll need someone who champions and demonstrates through behaviour the words “agile” and “pace” . Particularly during peak when many plates are spinning you’ll relish in this and be on your “A” game practicing what you preach and managing your own performance in Real Time. You’ll make sure as you “tag team” in your colleague to the handover shift that they’re upto date with anything pertinent and critical to the next shifts success.
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy is essential in the world of Real-time. 1 digit wrong on a report could fundamentally influence the way we address a situation so your strong focus on attention is critical.
  • You’re tenacious – if a theme is recurring, be it a common Contact reason or an Agent’s performance you’ll be vocal. For this, those great Stakeholder Management skills will really kick in.
  • The experience you have in using Contact Centre specific software specifically SalesForce will be critical. You’ll need to make great use of all our Tools to really understand opportunities and themes.
  • In the same way your experience with basic WFM and associated tools will be critical in optimising our coverage to protect our Service Levels and Agent morale – no one likes a shift of back-to-back calls with 100% occupancy – you’ll make sure our shifts are balanced. Linked to this will be how you’ll use your basic knowledge of management processes, concepts and principles (i.e. staffing projections, scheduling, service level analysis, metrics monitoring) to set the Team up for success.

Matchesfashion is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for our people. If you have a disability that requires reasonable adjustment through this process please specify in your application form.


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